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et rcon
Log-in & Passwords
Be very careful with syntax, in particular remember the "/" or you will global-chat the passwords!
Command Description
/rconpassword <password> Log in as RCON admin, required for all RCON useage
/rcon rconPassword <newpassword> Change the rconpassword
/rcon sv_privatepassword <newpassword> Change the private (reserved) slot password
/rcon g_password <newpassword> Set - and apply! - the password required to connect (set to "" to disable)
Info, players etc
/rcon status Shows various info about players, including clientnum
/players (no rcon) Shows various info about players, incl. <pid> which is used with REF
/pb_plist (no rcon) Various PB-related info about players, incl. PB slot number <PBSlot#>
/cheaters (no rcon) ETPro AntiCheat status. /cheaters <pid> for detail. Req. ETPro mod
Kicking & Banning
/rcon say "no spawnkilling allowed" The specified text will be given as a server message. Useful for issuing warnings for breaking rules.
/rcon clientkick <clientnum> Kick specified player, (/rcon status for num) [use PB instead]
/rcon kick <playername> Kick specified player (use PB instead)
/rcon ban <playername> Ban specified player (use PB instead)
/rcon pb_sv_kick <playername> Kick player with PB, by name
/rcon pb_sv_kick <PBSlot#> Kick player with PB, by PB slot number (/pb_plist)
/rcon pb_sv_ban <playername> Ban player with PB GUID, by name
/rcon pb_sv_ban <PBSlot#> Ban player with PB GUID, by PB slot number (/pb_plist)
/rcon pb_sv_banguid <guid> Ban a specified GUID (can use first 8 digits)
Managing Bans
/rcon pb_sv_banlist Shows most recent bans, with a ban slot number (banSlot#)
/rcon pb_sv_unban <banSlot#> Removes the specified ban, by the ban's number
/rcon pb_sv_unbanguid <guid> Removes the specified ban, by the GUID
/rcon pb_sv_banempty Empties all bans from memory (does not delete them from file)
/rcon pb_sv_banload Loads bans from the pbbans.dat file
/rcon pb_sv_updbanfile Saves all current PB bans into the pernament pbbans.dat. Only Req'd if pb_sv_autoUpdBan is set to 0.
/cheaters Shows if/what ETPro IAC suspects, (ETPro mod only)
/rcon pb_sv_getss <PBSlot#> Takes a partial screenshot from the player and saves it to the server's "pbss" folder.
/rcon pb_sv_autoss 1 Regularily takes a partial screenshot from all players and saves it to the server's "pbss" folder. (0|1)
Maps & Campaigns
/rcon vstr nextmap Skips to the next map in the mapcycle
/rcon vstr nextcampaign Skips to the next campaign in the campaign cycle
/rcon map radar Loads the specified map
/rcon campaign cmpgn_northafrica Loads the specified campaign ("/rcon campaignlist” is useful)
/rcon map_restart 30 Restarts the map. Does not interrupt or reset stopwatch. Optionally can specify warmup duration.
/rcon match_restart Restarts the match. Resets stopwatch to round 1
/rcon start_match Forgoes /ready and gets on with it.
Shuffle & Swap
/rcon shuffle_teamsxp Shuffles players around to balance it up a bit. Supposably.
/rcon swap_teams Axis become allies and vice-versa
/rcon exec filename.cfg Load the specified ".cfg" file on the server.
/rcon server_autoconfig 0 Load "comp" or "pub" pre-defined settings [no(0)/comp(1)/pub(2)]
/rcon config clanwar Loads the specified .config file (ETPro only)
Misc. Settings
/rcon killserver Exits the server, without quitting other running servers
/rcon g_warmup 30 Specify the warmup duration, in seconds
/rcon g_gametype 3 Sets gametype: 3=SW, 4=campaign, 5=LMS
/rcon g_friendlyFire 1 Toggle players damaging teammates (1|0)
/rcon g_teamForceBalance 1 Toggle disallowing players from joining larger team (1|0)
/rcon g_inactivity 300 Kicks if player doesnt move within this number of seconds
/rcon g_spectatorInactivity 600 Kicks if spectator doesnt move within this number of seconds
/rcon team_nocontrols 1 Toggle (1|0) player-team commands e.g. Pause.
/rcon g_heavyWeaponRestriction 20 Set restrictions on heavyweapons usage.
/rcon match_mutespecs 0 Toggle spectators ability to global chat
/rcon match_readypercent 100 % of players needed to "ready" for round to start
/rcon match_timeoutcount 0 Number of (non-REF) "pause" allowed per team, per round.
/rcon match_timeoutlength 30 Duration of pauses, in seconds
/rcon match_warmupDamage 1 Toggle wether players can take damage during warmup
/rcon team_maxplayers 0 Can set a upper limit on team player numbers (0=disabled)
/rcon vote_limit 3 Number of player-initiated votes allowed per map
/rcon vote_percent 51 % of ALL players required to vote yes for it to pass
"Fun" Shenanigans
/rcon g_userTimeLimit 0 Set total timelimit for current map (0 defaults)
/rcon g_gravity 100 Modify the strengh of gravity, default = 800.
/rcon g_speed 500 Modify speed, default = 320.
/rcon g_redlimbotime 5 Specify the respawn interval duration for Axis (0 should default)
/rcon g_bluelimbotime 5 Specify the respawn interval duration for Allies (0 should default)
/rcon g_medicChargeTime 45000 Duration for refill of Medic powerbar
/rcon g_LTChargeTime 40000 Duration for refill of FOps powerbar
/rcon g_engineerChargeTime 30000 Duration for refill of Eng powerbar
/rcon g_soldierChargeTime 20000 Duration for refill of Soldier's powerbar
/rcon g_covertopschargetime 30000 Duration for refill of CovOps powerbar

Map Names: oasis, battery, goldrush, radar, railgun, fueldump.
Campaign Names: cmpgn_northafrica, cmpgn_centraleurope, (/campaignlist)
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